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January 12, 2014 - True Blood

Sam Neill Jurassic Park

Jurassic World has been picking adult a flattering good cast, though one chairman we shouldn’t design to see in it is strange Jurassic Park star Sam Neill. Also after a jump:

  • The website for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has launched
  • Zach Gilford slips a few tract sum about The Purge 2
  • Uwe Boll and Brendan Fletcher will go on another Rampage
  • Spike Lee and Ray Allen have discussed a He Got Game sequel
  • Sarah Jessica Parker thinks SATC has “one final section to tell”
  • Stephen Moyer hints during a True Blood film sequel, maybe

Need nonetheless another sign that a Sin City supplement is unequivocally and truly coming? Dimension Films has only launched the central site for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. There’s not many on there right now besides a brief synopsis, though we’re certain there’s many some-more to come between now and a film’s August 22 release. [via Bleeding Cool]

The Purge 2 has so distant been hidden in mystery, even as a expel fills adult with TV and indie film favorites. But now, interjection to star Zach Gilford, we have a many improved suspicion of what to expect.

[…] we suspicion they had a unequivocally good approach to do a supplement since a initial one took place in an upscale suburb with what happens to a family there when their confidence complement doesn’t work. With this one, there’s nothing of a same characters, though it’s a same day of a year and it takes place in a city where there are no confidence systems and it’s only like a fight section where people are only perplexing to survive. So we suspicion it was flattering engaging to take that judgment and to demeanour during it from a opposite angle.

Sounds like an engaging idea, as prolonged as executive James DeMonaco doesn’t only let it devolve into a repeated free-for-all. The Purge 2 opens June 20. [Fangoria]

Uwe Boll is going on another Rampage. The German filmmaker has begun prolongation on Rampage 2, that once again stars Brendan Fletcher. In a new film, Fletcher’s impression takes over a TV hire and binds several people warrant — not since he wants money, though since he wants to arise adult humanity.

The fire will take place over 6 days in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Lochlyn Munro, Mike Dopud, and Michaela Ross are also starring. [THR]

So far, a Jurassic World expel consists only of authorization newcomers like Chris Pratt, Josh Brolin, and Bryce Dallas Howard. And according to original Jurassic Park star Sam Neill, it’s expected to stay that way.

“I consider there’s a whole new expel and a whole new demeanour during things, and we consider that’s great,” pronounced Neill. “As we said, I’d never contend no, though we wish them… well, I’m certain it’s going to be great, though they don’t need me.”

Neill’s comments competence not request to a series’ other stars, and they don’t order out a probability of a last-minute cameo. Still, it does sound like a concentration will be precisely on a new characters. Sorry, Jeff Goldblum fans. Jurassic World lands June 12, 2015. [Examiner around Bleeding Cool]

Spike Lee has been meditative about a supplement to 1998′s He Got Game, according to star Ray Allen. The Miami Heat ensure suggested his conversations with Lee in a new interview.

Sequels to many cinema are always flint and not as good as a first. But it’s something we’ve been articulate about for a final integrate months. If we get a unequivocally good story line and are means to move everybody back, afterwards it would be something value doing.

Of course, that’s flattering many a same vaguely confident answer each actor gives in response to any supplement question. So while Lee competence have deliberate a He Got Game 2, it doesn’t seem expected to occur anytime soon. [ESPN around HitFix]

Sex and a City 2 didn’t have many fans, not even among tangible Sex and a City fans. Yet Sarah Jessica Parker thinks there competence be life left in a authorization still. “A partial of me thinks there is one final section to tell,” she pronounced to InStyle. “But timing is a rare thing. It isn’t a preference that can wait forever. we don’t wish to have to wear muumuus!”

She’s got during slightest one believer in co-star Kristin Davis, who pronounced final month that it would be “very exciting” to make another film. But another authorization lead, Cynthia Nixon, competence desire to differ. She told press in 2012 that it was time to “let it go.” [via Celebitchy]

In kinda-related news, associate HBO array True Blood competence be deliberation going a Sex and a City route. Although a mermaid play is set to interpretation this summer, star Stephen Moyer hinted that there could be some-more True Blood entrance in 2016. Here’s a response he gave to an talk when asked about his destiny plans.

What are we going to do in a summer of 2015? I’m not certain about a summer of 2015, though if things go a approach I’m anticipating there will be something to watch in a summer of 2016. We’ll have an proclamation about that… soonish.

He doesn’t categorically contend that True Blood is streamer for a film sequel, though it does sound like he’s anticipating a uncover will live on, doesn’t it? What contend you, True Blood watchers — do we wish more, or is it time for Moyer, like Nixon, to let it go? [Examiner around Screen Crush]

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